Freshman Engineering Department (FED)

The Department of Freshman Engineering was established in 2013 since then the department is pioneering in providing quality education, in first year of diploma in engineering for various disciplines of the college. The department is  equipped with qualified and experienced faculty in all respects. 

  • Effective Student Counselling
  • Utmost care towards academics
  • Support in Scholarships
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
S.No Photo Faculty Name Qualification Designation
1 E.Sundesh Babu M.Sc., Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department
2 G.Sirisha M.A., Senior Lecturer in English
3 B. Anil Kumar M.Sc., Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
4 MANEPALLI DEEPIKA M.Tech., Senior Lecturer in Computers
5 T.LAKSHMI DEVI M.Sc., Senior Lecturer in Physics
6 P.NARESH M.Sc., Senior Lecturer in Physics